Bob Whitesel
Bob Whitesel is a sought-after speaker/consultant on changing a church and has been called “the key spokesperson on change in the church today.” He is the author of twelve books. He is the founding professor of Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University and a Fellow of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism (BGCE) at Wheaton College. When not helping churches bring about healthy change, he helps churches recapture the multiethnic and missional methods of John Wesley in popular “Land and Leadership of Wesley Tours” to England.  His websites are and
Other Selections by Bob Whitesel

TitlePublication Date
A House Divided 02/2001
Growth by Accident, Death by Planning 06/2004
Growth by Accident, Death by Planning - eBook [ePub] 10/2010
Inside the Organic Church - eBook [ePub] 08/2006
Organix 11/2011
Organix - eBook [ePub] 11/2011
re:MIX 06/2016
re:MIX - eBook [ePub] 06/2016