Dan Boone
Dan Boone is the best-selling author of Seven Deadly Sins, Answers for Chicken Little and The Worship Plot, (Beacon Hill Press).  He has pastored churches in four states and enjoys speaking to audiences of all ages around the country.  He is a popular speaker and a mentor to young preachers. Dan lives in Nashville with his wife, Denise, where he serves as president of Trevecca Nazarene University.
Other Selections by Dan Boone

TitlePublication Date
A Charitable Discourse 03/2011
A Charitable Discourse, Small Group DVD 04/2012
Answers for Chicken Little 11/2005
Dancing with the Law 03/2010
Dancing with the Law, DVD + Book 06/2010
Preaching the Story That Shapes Us 12/2008
Seven Deadly Sins 05/2008
Seven Deadly Sins 05/2009
The Way We Work 07/2014
The Worship Plot 02/2007