John Indermark
John Indermark is a writer and retired U.C.C. minister. He is the author of more than a dozen books, most recently The Greatest of These and Advent A to Z (co-authored with Sharon Harding). John also writes for several curriculum resources, including Feasting on the Word and New International Lesson Annual. John and his wife Judy now spend summers in Washington state and the remainder of the year in Tucson, Arizona.
Other Selections by John Indermark

TitlePublication Date
Advent A to Z 09/2013
Advent A to Z - eBook [ePub] 09/2013
Immersion Bible Studies: Luke 01/2011
The Greatest of These 09/2011
The Greatest of These - eBook [ePub] 09/2011
The New International Lesson Annual 2016-2017 05/2016
The New International Lesson Annual 2016-2017 - eBook [ePub] 05/2016
Way Words - eBook [ePub] 12/2011