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Other Selections by World Bible Translation Center

TitlePublication Date
Arabic New Testament 06/2007
Awadhi Bible-FL-Easy-To-Read 12/2005
Awadhi New Testament-FL-Easy to Read 01/1900
Awadhi New Testament-FL-Easy to Read 12/2001
Awadhi New Testament-FL-Easy to Read 12/2001
Bengali Bible-FL 01/2011
Bengali Bible-FL-Easy-To-Read 12/2003
Bengali New Testament-FL-Easy to Read 12/2006
Childrens Easy-To-Read Bible 03/2012
Gujarati Bible 01/2010
Gujarati Bible 01/2010
Hindi Bible-FL 01/2014
Jesus of Nazareth-OE-Easy-To-Read 12/2005
Kannada Bible-FL 05/2007
Kannada Bible-FL-Easy to Read 12/2004
Kannada New Testament-FL-Easy to Read 12/2004
Kannada New Testament-FL-Easy-To-Read 12/2001
Malayalam Bible-FL 10/2012
Malayalam Bible-FL-Easy to Read 12/2007
Marathi New Testament 12/2011
Marathi New Testament-FL-Easy-To-Read 12/2000
Oriya Bible-FL-Easy-To-Read 12/2004
Oriya New Testament-FL-Easy-To-Read 12/2005
Parallel Bible-PR-KJV/OE-Easy-To-Read 12/2007
Tamil Holy Bible 12/2008
Vietnamese Holy Bible 07/2010
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