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Other Selections by Philip Yancey

TitlePublication Date
Disappointment with God 03/1992
Disappointment with God 02/1997
El Jesus Que Nunca Conoci 10/1996
Gracia Divina Vs Condena Humana / What's So Amazing about Grace 07/1998
I Was Just Wondering 06/1998
La Biblia Que Leyo Jesus / The Bible Jesus Read 06/2003
Meet the Bible 10/2001
Reaching for the Invisible God 02/2002
Reaching for the Invisible God Study Guide 11/2001
The Bible Jesus Read 12/2001
The Bible Jesus Read Leader's Guide 06/2002
The Bible Jesus Read Participant's Guide 06/2002
The Jesus I Never Knew 02/2002
The Jesus I Never Knew Study Guide 06/1997
What's So Amazing about Grace? 02/2002
What's So Amazing About Grace? Participant's Guide 08/2000