Robert Wolgemuth
Dr. Robert Wolgemuth is a popular Bible teacher, speaker and best-selling author.  His nineteen books include She Calls Me Daddy, The Most Important Year and the notes to Dad's Bible.  Married to Bobbie for almost forty years, they have two married daughters.  Hometown: Orlando, Florida.  Books Sold to Date: 1.2 million.


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Other Selections by Robert Wolgemuth

TitlePublication Date
Couples of the Bible 04/2013
Daddy@work 12/2003
Men of the Bible 03/2010
New International Version Letters to God Bible 03/2010
Seven Things You Better Have Nailed Down Before All Breaks Loose 04/2008
She Calls Me Daddy 07/2014
She Calls Me Daddy [ePub Ebook] 06/2014
The Father's Plan 02/2010
The Most Important Place on Earth 10/2004
The Most Important Place on Earth 11/2006
The Most Important Year in a Man's Life/The Most Important Year in a Woman's Life 05/2003
What's in the Bible 12/2003
What's in the Bible 04/2011