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Other Selections by Jude Winkler

TitlePublication Date
Catholic Book of Prayers for Children 11/2007
Celebrating Christmas 09/1992
Celebrating Lent 09/1994
Daily Meditations with the Holy Spirit 03/2013
God the Father 05/1998
Great Men of the Old Testament 10/2011
Great People of the Bible 12/1985
Great Women of the Bible 09/1990
Handbook for Proclaimers 09/2012
Illustrated Children's Bible 02/1993
La Misa Para los Ninos 10/2006
Minute Meditations from the Popes 12/1994
Minute Meditations from the Popes 10/2015
Miracles of the Bible 04/2003
Mis Primeras Oraciones 10/2006
Mother Teresa 01/2002
My First Prayers 09/1990
Noah and the Flood (Puzzle Book) 05/2005
Our Parish Church 08/2003
Padre Pio 08/2004
Pope Francis 01/2014
Pope John Paul II 08/2005
Saint Joseph as Patron Saint 10/2010
Saint Joseph Illustrated Bible 12/2008
Saints of the Americas 10/2011
Scriptural Rosary for Children 07/2008
St. Francis of Paola 10/2001
The Angels 03/2009
The Church Year for Children 09/1991
The Commandments of God 11/1999
The Easter Story 10/1990
The Gospels Simply Explained 09/2008
The Holy Family 01/2005
The Holy Trinity 01/1999
The Mass for Children 10/2011
The Story of Christmas 10/1992
The Story of Noah and the Flood 03/1990
The Story of Noah and the Flood 09/1991
The Story of the Birth of Jesus 03/1990
The Twelve Apostles 08/2007
The Way of the Cross for Children 12/1992
We Go to Mass 07/2004