Paul Wilkes
Author of over a dozen books, including Beyond the Walls: Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Life (Doubleday, 1999); The Good Enough Catholic: A Guide for the Perplexed (Ballantine, 1996); And They Shall Be My People: An American Rabbi and His Congregation (Ballantine, 1994). Producer of two series ("Merton" and "Six American Families") for PBS. Articles in The New Yorker, New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, The Nation, Commonweal.
Other Selections by Paul Wilkes

TitlePublication Date
Best Practices from America's Best Churches 05/2003
Beyond the Walls 05/2010
Excellent Protestant Congregations 03/2001
Holding God in My Hands 08/2010
In Due Season 03/2009
New Beginnings Curriculum Kit 01/0001
New Beginnings Participant's Guide (Group of 20) 01/0001
The Good Enough Catholic 11/1997
The Seven Secrets of Successful Catholics 05/1998
The Seven Secrets of Successful Catholics 04/2005