Cornel West
Cornel West is a prominent and provocative democratic intellectual. A current professor at Union Theological Seminary, he has also taught at Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. The recipient of more than twenty honorary degrees, he has written many important books, including "Race Matters "and "Democracy Matters." He appears frequently on "Real Time with Bill Maher," "The" "Colbert Report," "Democracy Now," CNN, C-SPAN, and other national and international media. He lives in New York City.
Other Selections by Cornel West

TitlePublication Date
African American Religious Thought 01/2004
Black Prophetic Fire 09/2015
Democracy Matters 08/2005
Frustrated Fellowship 06/1991
Prophesy Deliverance! 01/2002
Prophetic Fragments 10/1993
Race Matters 03/1994
The African-American Century 02/2002
The Cornel West Reader 08/2000
The Future of the Race 01/1997
The Radical King 01/2015
The Radical King 01/2016