Mark Water
2003 Mark Water is the author of the best-selling Bible Made Easy series, Encyclopedia of Christian Quotations, and Encyclopedia of Christian Martyrs. He is an ordained Anglican minister and for the past 15 years has been a full-time writer and editor.
Other Selections by Mark Water

TitlePublication Date
AMG's Encyclopedia of Bible Facts 05/2004
Bible Study Made Easy 01/1998
Bible Study Made Simple 11/2002
Christian Living Made Simple 11/2002
Encyclopedia of Jesus' Life and Time 12/2005
Knowing God's Will Made Easier 02/1998
Moral Choices Made Simple 11/2002
Taking Your Spiritual Pulse 08/2003
Teachings of the Bible Made Simple 11/2002
The Bible Made Easy 03/1997
Understanding the Holy Spirit 08/2005
World Religions Made Easy 05/1994
World Religions Made Simple 11/2002