Nylea Butler-Moore
Nylea L. Butler-Moore, a freelance musician and music editor living in Huntsville,  Alabama, has published over 150 anthems, arrangements, musicals, music collections, and articles with Abingdon Press, G.I.A. Publications, Pilgrim Press, and others. She is the Music Director for Grace United Methodist Church in Huntsville and the Adult Resource Editor for Church Music Workshop Magazine published by Abingdon Press. A conductor, vocalist, and keyboardist, she has worked with adult, youth, and children's choirs in a variety of churches and has taught private and university voice and private piano. Among her most recent publications is Praise Now 2! a collection of twenty ready-to-use multi-sensory worship services.
Other Selections by Nylea Butler-Moore

TitlePublication Date
With Eyes of Faith Online Anthem 02/1995