Paul D. Borden

Asan international consultant, judicatory leader, former large church pastor, andprofessor of homiletics, Dr. Paul Borden knows both what is required totransform congregations and judicatories and how to do it. Borden is Executive Minister of Growing HealthyChurches. He is in demand nationally as a church consultant, who helpedinitiate the "teaching church" movement, in which congregations learnfrom other congregations about excellence. His book Hit the Bullseye(Abingdon, 2006) has been used by over 50 denominations in leading change.


Previousassignments include Director of Church Consulting for the Evangelical FreeChurch of America and Academic Dean of Western Bible College. Paul holds aPh.D. from the University of Denver, Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary andB.S. from Philadelphia College of Bible.

Other Selections by Paul D. Borden

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