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Other Selections by Jean Vanier

TitlePublication Date
Becoming Human 09/2008
Community and Growth 12/1989
Dancing with Dynamite 12/2010
Drawn Into the Mystery of Jesus Through the Gospel of John 08/2004
Encountering 'The Other' 09/2006
Enough Room for Joy 05/2007
Freedom and Forgiveness 03/2014
From Brokenness to Community 06/1992
I Meet Jesus 04/2005
I Meet Jesus 10/2014
I Walk with Jesus 10/2014
Into the Heart of God 01/2014
Into the Heart of God 02/2014
Jean Vanier: Essential Writings 10/2008
Jesus the Gift of Love 09/1996
Laughing with God 03/2008
Learning Wisdom and Vulnerability from People with Disabilities 07/2010
Life's Great Questions 08/2015
Life's Great Questions 08/2015
Living Gently in a Violent World 10/2008
Man and Woman, God Made Them 03/2008
Prayer of Heart and Body 09/2001
Seeing Beyond Depression 12/2005
Signs 10/2014
The Gospel of John, the Gospel of Relationship 05/2015
The Scandal of Service 09/1998
Walking on a Rolling Deck 07/2008