Other Selections by Thomas F. Torrance

TitlePublication Date
2 Corinthians and Timothy, Titus and Philemon 03/2001
Atonement 11/2009
Atonement 10/2014
Belief in Science and in Christian Life 07/1998
Calvin's Doctrine of Man 12/1997
Christian Theology and Scientific Culture 06/1998
Conflict and Agreement in the Church 11/1996
God, Family and Sexuality 09/2011
Gospel, Church, and Ministry 02/2012
Gospel, Church, and Ministry 02/2012
Incarnation 10/2008
Incarnation 03/2015
Karl Barth 11/2004
Kingdom and Church 12/1996
Reality and Evangelical Theology 03/2003
Reality and Scientific Theology 11/2001
Romans and Thessalonians 11/1995
Royal Priesthood 12/2000
Scottish Theology 10/1996
Space, Time and Incarnation 06/2005
Space, Time and Incarnation [Adobe Ebook] 03/2005
Space, Time and Resurrection 05/1998
The Christian Doctrine of God 12/2001
The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons 01/2016
The Christian Frame of Mind 12/2010
The Christian Frame of Mind 08/2015
The Doctrine of Grace in the Apostolic Fathers 12/1996
The Doctrine of Jesus Christ 08/2001
The Ground and Grammar of Theology 01/2005
The Incarnation 07/1998
The Mediation of Christ, New Edition 07/1992
The School of Faith 12/1996
Theological and Natural Science 10/2001
Theology in Reconciliation 12/1996
Theology in Reconstruction 12/1996
Transformation and Convergence in the Frame of Knowledge 04/1998
Trinitarian Faith 02/1993
Trinitarian Faith 03/2016
When Christ Comes & Comes Again 11/1996