Patricia Sprinkle
Patricia Sprinkle has the distinction of being the daughter, wife and mother of ministers.  She says "Apparently God feels I need a good bit of oversight."  Although Sprinkle knew early in life that she wanted to be a writer, it wasn't until after many years of writing short fiction and serious nonfiction, including many articles for religious publications, that she realized her true Christian calling was to write novels.  She has lived in many places throughout the south and writes stories drawn from her own experiences there, chronicling the lives of women in the contemporary south.  In addition to writing, she is active in organizations that serve neglected, deprived and abused children and works for justice on their behalf.  Sprinkle and her husband live in Smyrna, Georgia, where she enjoys reading, gardening and doing nothing.  Visit Patricia online at

Other Selections by Patricia Sprinkle

TitlePublication Date
Hold Up The Sky 03/2010
When Did We Lose Harriet? 10/1997