Judah Smith

As the pastor of Generation Church, Judah Smith, preaches to Junior High, High School and University students weekly. Generation Church has multiple campus locations located throughout the Seattle metropolitan area, including a facility on the 5000 block of 17th Ave NE, just two blocks north of the main gates of the University of Washington. Currently, the Generation Church has a weekly attendance of over 1.500 young people. In the past under Judah Smith’s leadership, the Generation Church was highlighted by Ministry Today as one of five of the "most dynamic" youth groups in the United States. [2]

In January 2009, Judah was named the Preaching Pastor of The City Church, and assumed the roll of speaking to the whole of the church congregation every weekend, including Saturday nights to the church's Young Professionals group. His father, Wendell Smith, previously preached every week.

Wendell Smith, father of Judah and founder of the City Church, a church listed sixty-second on a list of the 101 fastest growing churches in America. Judah Smith ranked high on the list of pastors with the most contemporary hair, a list made by outreach magazine in 2007.[3] Judah and Chelsea Smith were named as the senior pastors of the City Church. Judah and Chelsea Smith assumed the role September 2009. Although he was limited in his ministry involvement towards the end of 2008 because of cancer treatments, Wendell Smith, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2004,[4] will continue to serve as the founding pastor of the church and overseer of the City Church's network of churches.

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