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Other Selections by Sheri Rose Shepherd

TitlePublication Date
7 Ways to Build a Better You Facilitator's Guide 04/1999
Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess 01/2014
Eating for Excellence 01/1998
Fit for Excellence 04/1998
Fit for My King 01/2011
Fit for My King [ePub Ebook] 11/2009
Freedom for His Princess 03/2012
Freedom for His Princess [ePub Ebook] 03/2012
Girl Talk 06/2002
His Battle 03/2010
His Battle [ePub Ebook] 03/2010
His Little Princess 02/2006
His Mighty Warrior 10/2007
His Princess 01/2004
His Princess Bride 02/2009
His Princess Girl Talk with God 03/2014
His Princess Girl Talk with God [ePub Ebook] 07/2010
His Princess Warrior [ePub Ebook] 03/2010
His Treasure 09/2013
His Treasure [ePub Ebook] 10/2013
If You Have a Craving, I Have a Cure [ePub Ebook] 12/2012
If You Have a Craving, I Have a Cure! 12/2012
Mi Principe Vendra 05/2007
My Beautiful Princess Bible New Living Translation 07/2012
My Prince Will Come 10/2005
Oraciones A Mi Rey = Prayers to My King 07/2007
Prayers to My King 01/2005
Preparing Him for the Other Woman 11/2006
Su Pequena Princesa 07/2007
Su Princesa 03/2007
Su Princesa, La Novia 01/2011
Your Heart's Desire 05/2012
Your Heart's Desire 06/2012
Your Heart's Desire Group Experience 05/2013