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Other Selections by J. Barrie Shepherd

TitlePublication Date
A Child Is Born 12/1988
A Diary of Prayer 03/1981
A Pilgrim's Way 09/1989
Aspects of Love 06/2010
Destination Bethlehem 07/2015
Destination Bethlehem [ePub Ebook] 07/2015
Diary of Daily Prayer 02/2002
Encounters 04/2012
Faces at the Cross 06/2010
Faces at the Manger 08/2004
Faces by the Wayside: Persons Who Encountered Jesus on the Road 01/2012
Prayers from the Mount 03/2011
Praying the Psalms 09/1987
Seeing with the Soul 02/2004
Whatever Happened to Delight? 06/2006