Chris Seay
Chris Seay is a leader in the emerging church discussion. He was the founding pastor of University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, one of the earliest examples of generational church planting. Currently, Chris pastors Ecclesia of Houston, TX, and is the author of The Gospel According to Tony Soprano and The Gospel Reloaded.

Other Selections by Chris Seay

TitlePublication Date
A Place at the Table 01/2012
A Place at the Table 01/2012
A Place at the Table Audiobook - CD 01/2012
A Place at the Table DVD 01/2012
Advent Conspiracy 09/2009
Advent Conspiracy DVD 09/2009
Advent Conspiracy DVD and Book 09/2009
The Gospel According to Jesus 09/2010
The Gospel According to Lost Audio CD 12/2009
The Power of Your Story DVD-Based Study 10/2012
The Story of the Voice 03/2013