Donna E. Schaper
2001 Donna E. Schaper is senior pastor of a Congregational Church in Coral Gables, Florida. She is also a popular writer and workshop leader who has published several books including Sabbath Sense, Calmly Plotting the Resurrection, and Spiritual Orphans or Spiritual Heirs. Her community activities include being active in Jubilee 2000: Campaign to End Global Debt and preaching at Hampden County Jail.
Other Selections by Donna E. Schaper

TitlePublication Date
Calmly Plotting the Resurrection 04/2008
Labyrinths from the Outside in 11/2000
Sabbath Keeping 01/1999
Sermons On The First Readings Series III, Cycle B 05/2008
Shelter for the Spiritually Homeless 07/1995
The Culture of Disbelief 01/1999