Course Detail
Duke University Divinity School

Term: Fall 2013
Course #: PARISH 783
Course Description: Theology of Pentecostalism
Professor: Turner
Required texts Ideals and Realities of Islam and Learning from How Muslims See Christianity are not available at this site.

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780801024481 Pneumatology $22.99
Required 9780801027703 The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh $30.00
Required 9780830825868 Black Fire $25.49
Required 9780761826361 Baptism in the Holy Spirit $56.99
Required 9780981965147 Pentecostal Spirituality $14.41
Optional 9780521532808 An Introduction to Pentecostalism $31.99
Optional 9781557287311 Portraits of a Generation $34.95
Optional 9780310252368 Baptized in the Spirit $17.99
Optional 9781593333171 The United Holy Church of America $85.00

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