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Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Term: Spring 2014
Course #: DS 665
Course Description: United Methodist Doctrine
Professor: Charlton

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780687034857 United Methodist Doctrine $22.10
Required 9780687035724 The United Methodist Book of Worship $30.99
Required 9780687204953 John Wesley's Sermons $19.42
Required 9781608999026 The Pursuit of Happiness $16.00
Required 9781610978996 Keeping Faith $18.00
Required 9781426718120 The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 2012 $21.99
Optional 9780687110193 Doctrine and Theology in the United Methodist Church $18.08
Optional 9780664233358 The Nature of Doctrine, 25th Anniversary Edition $21.60
Optional 9781426711367 Wesleyan Beliefs $33.49
Optional 9781426727016 Methodist Doctrine $14.73
Your choice of UM Hymnal is required.
Choice Required 9780687330447 The United Methodist Hymnal $18.89
Choice Required 9780687431328 The United Methodist Hymnal $19.79
Choice Required 9780687431335 The United Methodist Hymnal $19.79
Choice Required 9780687431342 The United Methodist Hymnal $19.79
Choice Required 9780687431397 The United Methodist Hymnal Purple Pew Edition $19.79
Choice Required 9780687494941 The United Methodist Hymnal $18.89

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