Note: The eBook format does not allow for copying and pasting, or printing. 

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used to ensure that a specific copy of an eBook is owned by one owner, and is not just given away. This ensures that copyright laws are respected and that authors and publishers are fairly compensated. 

Before attempting to download an eBook you purchased from Cokesbury.com, it is recommended that you download and register the free Adobe Digital Editions software and set up your free Adobe ID. This will allow you to either read online or share your downloaded eBook with up to six devices (computer, eBook reader, smart phone, or tablet). Downloading and registering the software also allows easy transfer of both DRM (Digital Rights Management)-protected and non-DRM protected EPUB files.

Download Adobe Digital Editions for free.

Once the installer has been downloaded, open the program. You will be prompted to authorize your computer with an Adobe ID. This will allow you to open your DRM-protected content on multiple devices. If you do not already have a free Adobe ID, click on the link “get an Adobe ID online.” When you’ve finished, return to Adobe Digital Editions and sign in.

Once you download Adobe Digital Editions and register your device with your Adobe ID, you will be able to download eBooks purchased on Cokesbury.com. From your Downloads/Subscriptions section on Cokesbury.com, click on the title of the eBook you wish to download. When you are prompted to either Open or Save the file, you should Save (remember where you save it). Then, in Adobe Digital Editions, click on File and Add to Library. In the dialog box that opens, find the folder where you saved the file, then change Files of Type from “E-Books” to “Adobe Content Server Message.” Select the file and then click Open. This should open the eBook and save it in Adobe Digital Editions.

You have 60 days from the date of purchase to download a purchased product. You also only have 6 attempts to download a product. After 60 days, or 6 download attempts, the items will still show in your My Downloads section, but the links will not be active.

System requirements

List of supported eBook reader devices

Supported browsers and Adobe Flash versions


        Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher, Google Chrome

        Adobe Flash® Player 9 or 10


        Apple Safari 2.0.4 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher

        Adobe Flash® Player 9 or 10

Transferring items to a supported eReader

Adobe Digital Editions allows you to transfer items from your library to a supported eReader device.
Connect the supported eReader device to your computer and launch Digital Editions. Digital Editions automatically detects the presence of your device and offers to authorize it with your Adobe ID. If you have not authorized Digital Editions with your computer, you will need to complete that. Both Digital Editions and the device must be authorized to be able to transfer protected content to and from the device. Unprotected content can be transferred to and from the device without authorizing either the device or Digital Editions, but Adobe strongly advises authorizing Digital Editions as it gives you content portability for your protected books, whether on Digital Editions or the supported device.

After authorization, the device appears as a new bookshelf in your library. You can transfer items to and from the device's bookshelf just as you do with other bookshelves in your library. You can read books on your device or your computer.
Important: Do not disconnect the device while transferring library items to or from your computer.

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