The following criteria affect your tax status:

  1. If a Cokesbury representative is physically located in your "Ship-To" state, we must follow the tax rules of the state, county and city where the item is being shipped. If there is not a Cokesbury presence in the state where the item is being shipped, the transaction is non-taxable.
  2. Does Cokesbury have a record of your Tax-exempt certificate? If so, your account has been coded to reflect that status. Tax exempt certificates can be faxed to our Credit Services department at 615-749-6079. After Credit Services receives and validates your certificate, your tax status on your Cokesbury account will be updated to reflect that change.

State tax rules vary across the country as far as tax exemption for institutions, churches, and product categories, including shipping. Cokesbury’s systems are updated monthly with all state and local changes to each states tax structure. Account tax exempt status changes are updated twice per week.