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To create a customized profile, the first thing we ask you to do is assign yourself a Login ID and Password. Click here for help on how to create a Login ID and Password. After completing the Account Information, you will be logged in.

In the top blue bar you will see a drop-down menu for your account. Click to edit your account settings; review your Downloads, Subscriptions, and Online Order History; or to set up your Wish List, Gift Registry, Favorite Authors; and more. This helps you to quickly find favorite resources on return visits, plan purchases, or review your account information.

Remember: Cokesbury never sells or rents your information to anyone!


After you have created a Login ID, you can take advantage of many features under the heading of My Account.

• Account Information

You can manage your Billing and Shipping addresses, and even add and store additional Ship-To addresses to quickly choose from on future orders.

• Change Password

Change your current password to a new one at any time.

• Express Order Settings

You can store multiple payment methods to use quick, convenient Express Ordering. (For more information on this option, see the Express Ordering section of the Help File.)

• Order History

Your orders are stored here for your review and future reference. You can easily search past orders based on a time period or most recent orders.

• Order Search

Quickly search here by individual item number, product title, or order number. You can also browse through your Order History based on date or last number of orders. You may also contact Customer Service (800-672-1789) for assistance.

• My Downloads

Contains links to all of your downloaded items purchased at

• My Subscriptions

Lists your subscriptions and expiration dates.

• Favorite Authors

Shows all the authors you have tagged as your favorites.

• Wish List

Shows all the items you have tagged as interested in for the future. Makes it easy for you to find them later.

• Gift Registry

Allows others to see the products you want to receive as gifts.

• Log Out

Takes you out of your account and back to the home page. To access your account information, you must Login again.