Gift Registry & Wish List

As you review books and other products on, you will notice that in addition to the “Add to Cart” in the Purchase Here box, there are also options to Add to Wish List and Add to Gift Registry. These two features work in a similar way. Here’s how they can be helpful.

Say your church, organization, or individual account has a list of products (sold on the website) that are needed. Clicking on Add to Gift Registry from the product page will put the displayed product into a gift registry. YOU ARE NOT BUYING THE PRODUCT. You are identifying that product as an item that is needed. After creating a Gift Registry, you would need to let those who might be interested in purchasing and donating the selected items aware of the registry; maybe through a newsletter, bulletin, etc.

The Gift Registry is accessed using the email address in the account of the person or church/organization creating the list so it is important that others know the email address. To review the Gift Registry list a person would:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Services and Links
  3. Click on Gift Registry located in the blue bar on the left
  4. Enter the email address on the account of the Gift Registry they wish to review
  5. Click Search and the Gift Registry will be returned

From this point the items can be reviewed and/or selected. Of course, if the visitor wishes to purchase an item, they will do so through their own account.

The Wish List is more personal and tied to individual and organizational accounts. Wish Lists keep track of interesting items throughout the site that you would like to purchase at a later date. You can add those items to your Wish List by clicking on the Add to Wish List from the item product page. They will remain in your Wish List until you buy them or delete them. It's almost like a bookmark in a book or creating a shopping list for the future. It keeps you from having to search for that product again. When you are ready to purchase, Login and click on Wish List in the blue bar on the left. Click on the item you wish to purchase and then Add to Cart.