Express Checkout

Express Checkout allows customers to safely store up to 5 payment methods to speed up the checkout process on return visits. (Note: a Member Login ID and password are required for Express Checkout.)

To set up your Express Checkout profile:

  • Login with your Login ID and Password
  • Under (your name's) Account, click on the link titled Express Ordering Settings or select the Configure Express Check Out button
  • You will see your Default Billing and Shipping address settings. If you wish to change the Ship-to address, click on the Add/Use Different Address button to either select a stored shipping address or to add a new shipping address to your user profile
  • Under the heading Payment Information, you can add up to five (5) payment options (Cokesbury charge account, or multiple credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express)
  • Enter the Name on Account as it appears on your major credit card or Cokesbury charge account and provide all required information (Please note: Cokesbury charge accounts do not have expiration dates)
  • If you choose a credit card as your Express ordering method, you will be prompted to enter your card’s CVV number during the checkout process, but you cannot store it with your payment option, as that is now prohibited by law
  • If you save multiple payment options, the default payment method will be used, but you may change it as needed.