Checking Out

When you're ready to Check Out, offers you 3 options for placing your order:

1. Returning Customers

  • Shipping Information

When you enter your Login ID and Password and click Sign In to check out, you will be taken to the Shipping Information screen. Based on your previously entered zip code, an Estimated Tax and an Estimated Shipping charge (based on Standard Ground) will be displayed in the Order Summary gray box. Additionally, if you enter a Promo Code, your discount will also be reflected in the Order Summary. You may enter a Promo Code at any stage of the Checkout process.

A drop-down menu allows you to Choose Different Shipping Address, and you can choose to Add or Edit an Address.

You can also choose your Shipping Method with a drop-down menu that offers Standard Ground, Overnight (Standard + $27.50), 2 Day (Standard + $13.75), or 3 Day (Standard + $8.80).

The Estimated Tax and Estimated Shipping charges will automatically update in the Order Summary, based on any new zip code you enter here or any change in Shipping Method.

In the drop-down menu under (your name’s) Account, select Account Information. This will take you to Cokesbury Account information where you can edit your Address Information or Default Shipping Information.

  • Payment Information

Continuing to the second screen, Payment Information, you have the options of applying a gift card to your order, paying with your Cokesbury account or a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). You can also pay with a combination of gift card and/or Cokesbury account or credit card. As a convenience for speeding up future orders, you can choose to save your payment information, with up to 5 payment options.

  • Review and Place Order

The third screen in the Checkout process is Review and Place Order. You also have another chance to add a Promo Code. If you need to change shipping method, shipping address, payment method, or edit the item(s) in your Cart, you can hit the Back button. If you are ready, you can Place Order.

2. Configure Express Check Out

This method of Checkout is available to Returning Customers at several steps. Click Configure Express Checkout, which will take you to Express Ordering Settings, where you can edit your Billing and Shipping Addresses and Payment Methods.

Express Checkout eliminates the first two screens and takes you immediately to Review and Place Order, using the addresses and payment methods you entered.

3. Guests and New Customers

When you add something to your cart, you are prompted to Continue Shopping, View Cart, or Checkout. Once you click Checkout, you are given the choice to Sign In as a Returning Customer, or to Continue as a Guest.

With the Guest option, you are taken to Shipping Information, the first step of Checkout, and will need to enter your Shipping Information, pick your Shipping Options, and Apply Promo Code. You may apply a promotion code now or at any stage of Checkout. On Continuing, you are prompted to enter Billing Information, and Payment Information, and then end with Review and Place Order.

Please note that when using Guest Checkout you will not be able to view your order history or past purchases online. In addition, Guest Checkout cannot be used to purchase a downloadable item, eBook, or online subscription.


To redeem an eligible Cokesbury coupon, you may enter the code in the Promotion Code box during any stage of the Checkout process, except for the Order Confirmation step. Click Apply to activate your special offer. 


Cokesbury accepts payment by:

• Cokesbury Charge Account
• Cokesbury Gift Card
• American Express
• Discover
• MasterCard
• Visa

(To learn more about redemption of Cokesbury gift cards, see the Gift Card section of the Help file.)


  • We obtain an initial "pending authorization" on credit/debit cards that will fall off, and the "official charge" will not be applied to your card until your items have been shipped.
  • You will not be "officially" charged for any items that are on backorder, pre-order, or out-of-stock until they ship.
  • If your order is split into multiple shipments, you may have multiple "official" charges that equal the total of the order.  
  • *Please note: You may have multiple holds if the initial "pending authorization" is still reflecting on your credit/debit card after the "official charge" has processed. Each financial institution determines the length of a pending hold. If you have questions about said holds, please contact your financial institution to determine when the initial "pending hold" will fall off. 


MULTIPLE CONFIRMATIONS: You may receive multiple auto-generated emails from Cokesbury as your order cycles through the shipping process below. Check the  "Status" column on each email to confirm each step below:

  1. Order Status: "Created": After completion of the order, you will receive an email confirmation letting you know that your order was successfully created. You will also receive an email that will again detail your order.
  2. Order Status: "In Progress": You will receive an order notification when the status of your order changes and/or begins to process. 
  3. Order Status: "Shipped": Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email notice from Cokesbury, which will contain a tracking number for that shipment.

*Note: One may receive additional emails from Cokesbury if your order is shipping from multiple vendors, items are backordered, etc..