Other Selections by Abbey Press

TitlePublication Date
50th Anniv Serenity Prayer CD 07/2014
A Friend Is... Latte Mug 01/2016
A Prayer for Firefighters Soup Mug 01/2016
A Prayer for My Hairstylist Soup Mug 01/2016
A Prayer for You Plaque 01/2016
Acts of Kindness, Garden Mini Plaque 01/2014
Advent Candles 10" x 3/4" 3 Purple 1 Pink (Set of 4) 04/2018
Amaz Woman Mug 10/2014
Amazing Woman (Small) Plaque 04/2015
Amazing Woman Casserole Dish 01/2016
Amazing Woman Cutting Board 10/2015
Amazing Woman Mug 04/2015
Amazing Woman Pie Plate 01/2016
Amazing Woman Plaque 07/2014
Amazing Woman Resin Wall Cross 05/2015
Amazing Woman Rolling Pin 01/2016
Amazing Woman Trivet 01/2016
An Old Irish Toast 08/2015
Angel Wings Photo Frame 08/2015
Angels Above Garden Stone 08/2015
Angels Above Keepsake Box 08/2015
Baby Keepsake Box Aqua 07/2016
Baby Keepsake Box Pink 07/2016
Be a Man of Faith Plq 01/2015
Beautiful Spirit Mug and Coaster Set 05/2015
Believe Hanging Plaque 04/2015
Bless the One Lantern 07/2016
Bless This Husband and Wife Plaque 01/2016
Bless This Table Lidded Baking Dish 01/2016
Blessed Are They Lazy Susan 08/2015
Blessed Are You Pie Plate 01/2012
Blessed Are You Wall Cross 01/0001
Blessed is a Man of Faith Mug and Coaster Set 02/2015
Blessed Is She Cutting Board 01/2012
Blessed Is the Man Plaque 07/2016
Blessed Is the Man Travel Mug 07/2016
Blessings Hanging Plaque 04/2015
Blooming Blessings Cutting Board 12/2014
Blooming Blessings Lazy Susan 09/2014
Cead Mile Failte Wall Word 07/2014
Christmas Beauty, Love, Joy Cutting Board 01/2016
Christmas Friend ?Latte Mug 10/2015
Christmas Pass It on Casserole Dish 07/2014
Claddagh Cutting Board 01/2013
Claddagh Ornament & Card [With Card] 06/2015
Claddagh Pie Plate 01/2013
Claddagh Wall Hanging 05/2015
Cmas Candy Cane Cake Mug 09/2014
Cmas Gingerbread Cake Mug 09/2014
Courage Hanging Plaque 04/2015
Courageous Woman Baking Dish 10/2015
Courageous Woman Loaf Pan 10/2015
Courageous Woman Mini Cutting Board 08/2015
Courageous Woman Mug 10/2015
Courageous Woman Prayer Cards 08/2015
Dance, Sing, Live Latte Mug 01/2016
Dance, Sing, Live Plaque 08/2015
Divine Mercy Suncatcher 12/2014
Don't Quit Plaque 07/2005
Encouragement Soup Mug 09/2014
Faith Pie Plate 07/2013
Faith Trivet 07/2013
Faith, Family, Friends Lantern 01/2016
Faith, Family, Friends Mini Loaf Pan 08/2015
Family Blessings Wall Cross 07/2016
Family Cutting Board 12/2014
Family Pie Plate 05/2015
Firefighter Small Sitter 07/2012
Firefighters Mini Plaque 01/0001
First Comm Trinket Box 03/2015
First Communion Prayer Plaque 07/2012
Fishers of Men Wall Sculpture 07/2016
Footprints in the Sand Garden Stone 01/2016
Friend ?Latte Mug 10/2015
Friend Baking Dish 10/2015
Friend Coaster Mug 07/2014
Friend Loaf Pan 10/2015
Friend Mini Cutting Board 08/2015
Friend Mini Plaque 01/2014
Friend Mug 10/2015
Friend Pie Plate 07/2014
Friend Teapot for One 01/2016
Friends By our Side Plaque - 5x7 05/2015
Friendship, Loyalty, Love Mini Loaf Pan 08/2015
Gifts of the Holy Spirit Cross 01/2011
Give Thanks Mini Loaf Pan 08/2015
GMA Cutting Board 07/2014
GMA Pie Plate 07/2014
God Bless This Home Spoon Rest 08/2015
God Bless This Home Wall Word 08/2015
God Bless This Man Contemporary Mug 01/2016
God Gave Me You Mini Plaque 01/2014
God's Country Canister Set 07/2016
God's Love Garden Stone 01/2016
God, Shed Your Grace Deep Dish Pie Plate 07/2016
Godfather Mug 01/2016
Godfather Photo Frame 01/2016
Godfather Pin & Card Set 07/2013
Godmother Mug 01/2016
Godmother Photo Frame 01/2016
Godmother Pin & Card Set 01/0001
Godparent Photo Plaque 07/2012
Gods Embrace Planter 08/2015
Good Lord Above Three-Hook Wall Plaque 07/2016
Grandma Cake Mug 07/2014
Grandma Soup Mug 07/2014
Grandpa, You are Loved Pottery Mug 06/2015
Grateful Heart Mug and Coaster Set 08/2015
Grounded in Faith Garden Stake 01/2016
Hairstylist Mini Plq 03/2014
I Can Do All Things Box 07/2010
I Love Jesus Cross-Pastel 07/2014
I Said a Christmas Prayer Ornament 07/2014
I Said a Prayer Baking Dish 10/2015
I Said a Prayer Loaf Pan 10/2015
I Said a Prayer Mini Cutting Board 08/2015
I Said a Prayer Mug 10/2015
In Memory Garden Stone 07/2009
In Memory Standing Cross 08/2015
In My Heart Soup Mug 09/2014
Irish Baptism Photo Frame 01/2016
Irish Bedtime Blessing Cross 03/2015
Irish Christmas Home Blessing Tray 01/2016
Irish Cottage Pie Plate 01/2016
Irish Cottage Teapot 01/2016
Irish Home Blessing Cross 08/2015
Irish Tree of Life Cross 07/2016
Irish Tree of Life Garden Stone 07/2016
Irish Tree of Life Lazy Susan 07/2016
Irish Tree of Life Ornament and Card 07/2016
Irish Tree of Life Photo Frame 07/2016
Irish Tree of Life Plaque 07/2016
Irish Tree of Life Plate 07/2016
Isap Footed Mug 03/2014
It Doesn't Matter Mini Plaque 01/2014
Jesus Is the Reason Mug and Coaster Set 01/2016
Jesus Loves Me Cross Primary Colors 12/2009
Kindred Spirit ?Latte Mug 10/2015
Kitchen Prayer Plaque 01/2011
Lamb Bank 07/2016
Let Go, Let God Trinket Box 01/2016
Little Lamb Crib Medal 07/2016
Little Lamb from God Plaque 07/2016
Little Lamb of God Wall Cross Aqua 07/2016
Little Lamb of God Wall Cross Pink 07/2016
Little Lamb Photo Frame Aqua 07/2016
Little Lamb Photo Frame Pink 07/2016
Lord Above Us Cutting Board 07/2016
Low Calorie Cake Mug 07/2014
Man of Courage Pottery Mug 01/2016
Man of Faith Box 07/2016
Man of Faith Plaque 07/2016
Man of Faith Soup Mug 01/2016
Man of Faith Visor Clip and Prayer Card 07/2016
Man of God Cross 07/2016
Man of God Keepsake Box 07/2016
Man of Strength Pottery Mug 01/2016
Man of Wisdom Pottery Mug 01/2016
Marriage Cross 03/2015
May the Road Rise Plaque 01/2015
May the Road Rise Plq 01/2015
Me and My House Deep-Dish Pie Plate 01/2016
Memorial Ornament 07/2013
Memorial Tealight Holder 05/2015
Memorial Wherever We Are Garden Stone 07/2006
Memory Cross Set 05/2015
Ministry Cross 01/2012
Miracle Moments Latte Mug 01/2016
Mom and Me Cookie Dish 01/2016
Mom Cake Mug 07/2014
Mom Cutting Board 07/2014
Mom Soup Mug 07/2014
Mr. Mug and Coaster Set 01/2016
Nativity Star Advent Wreath 07/2009
Nurse Mini Plq 03/2014
Nurse Plq 03/2014
Nurse Small Sitter 07/2012
Nurse Travel Mug 07/2014
One Day at a Time Plaque 07/2014
Our Precious Irish Blessing Photo Frame 01/2016
Peace Soup Mug 09/2014
Pet Memorial Garden Stone 08/2015
Pets Are a Blessing 07/2014
Police Officer Small Sitter 07/2012
Police Officer's Prayer Travel Tumbler 01/0001
Power Mini Plaque 01/2014
Prayer Changes Everything Mug and Coaster 03/2015
Prayer for a Man of Faith Prayer Cards 07/2016
Rejoice Mini Loaf Pan 08/2015
Seed of Faith Planter 01/2016
Serenity Garden Stone 07/2005
Serve the Lord, Praise His Name Salt and Pepper Shaker Set 07/2016
Sister Cake Mug 07/2014
Sister Mug and Coaster Set 01/2016
Sister Soup Mug 11/2014
Sister Teapot for One 01/2016
Slainte' Mug 05/2012
Special Police Officer Soup Mug 01/2016
Special Prayer Soup Mug 09/2014
Sponsor Gift Set 01/2016
Sports Be-Attitudes Plaque 01/2011
St Brigids Cross Ornament 07/2014
St Francis Coaster Mug 02/2015
St. Patrick's Ornament 07/2013
St6 Family of God Bapt CD 01/2015
Teacher Travel Mug 16oz. 07/2014
Teacher Travel Mug W/Card 07/2009
Teen Cross Sitter 01/2015
Thank You, Oh Lord Cookbook Holder 07/2016
The Last Supper Plaque 01/2016
The Older I Get... Christmas Latte Mug 10/2015
Those Who Love Us Irish Plaque 01/2015
Tis a Blessing to Be Irish Pottery Mug 07/2009
Treasured Times Cookie Dish 01/2016
Trinity Garden Stone 09/2014
Trinity Mug 10/2014
True and Guiding Light Plaque 01/2016
We Are Blessed Casserole Dish 01/2016
We Are Blessed Cutting Board 01/0001
We Are Blessed Deep Dish Pie Plate 01/0001
We Are Blessed Rolling Pin 01/2016
We Are Blessed Wall Cross 10/2015
Wedding Box 01/2016
Wee Child of God Shaped Sitter Plaque 01/2016
Woman Faith Footed Mug 03/2014
Woman of Faith Mug and Coaster Set 08/2015
Your Light Lantern 01/2016