School Detail

Saint Paul School of Theology
5123 Truman Road
Kansas City, MO 64127
Phone: 816-483-9600
Fax: 816-483-9605
Degrees: M.Div., M.T.S., D.Min.

Click the Course Number for more information.
TermCourse NumberDescription
Spring 2014 APS 425 AOV Theology in Red and White
Spring 2014 APS 430 AKV Theology in Black and White
Spring 2014 CHL 313 AOV Spiritual Leadership
Spring 2014 CHS 347 AOV Prison Industrial Complex and Systematic Sin
Spring 2014 CRE 380 AKV Ministry Across the Lifespan
Spring 2014 CTX 390 AK Chapel Intern
Spring 2014 DST 313 AKV John Wesley & the Movements of the Spirit
Spring 2014 ETH 301 AK Introduction to Christian Ethics
Spring 2014 EWR 313 AKV People of the Book
Spring 2014 HBS 430 AOV Qohelit
Spring 2014 HST 302 AKV Introduction to Christian Traditions II
Spring 2014 HST 462 AO Christian Spirituality East & West
Spring 2014 IMM 356 AK Wesley and the Poor Urban Ministries
Spring 2014 MIN 230 AOV-2013 Introduction to Theological Writing
Spring 2014 MIN 231 AK Information Literacy in Theological Education
Spring 2014 NTS 301 AMV Introduction to the New Testament
Spring 2014 NTS 456 AKV Women in the New Testament
Spring 2014 PCR 301 AKV Introduction to Pastoral Theology & Care
Spring 2014 PRE 401 AKV/AK/AO Introduction to Preaching
Spring 2014 THL 301 AK/AO Intro to Systematic Theology - Chun
Spring 2014 THL 431 AKV The Problem of Evil
Spring 2014 THL 442 AKV Contemporary Evangelical Theology
Spring 2014 WOR 410 AKV Introduction to Worship and Liturgy
Summer 2014 CHL 513 Person and Role of Minister as Leader
Summer 2014 CHL 545 Leadership for Effective & Innovative Ministry
Summer 2014 CHL 546 Organizing for Effective & Innovative Ministry
Summer 2014 CHS 330 Mission of the Church in the Contemporary World
Summer 2014 CHS 515 Prophetic Ministry
Summer 2014 DMIN 510 Orienting Seminar
Summer 2014 DMIN 520 Select Conference Topics in Ministry
Summer 2014 DMIN 550 Praxis Thesis Seminar
Summer 2014 DST 311 AK United Methodist Doctrine
Summer 2014 HST 420 Classic of Christian Theology
Summer 2014 THL 420 Seminar in Theological Studies: Liturgical Theolog
Summer 2014 THL 451 Martin Luther and Theological Anthropology
Summer 2014 WOR 413 Intro to Worship: Practice of Worship Leadership

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