Infusion Bible eStudies: Lies, Deceit, and Promise



Infusion Bible eStudies are downloadable small group studies that can be read online, printed, or emailed. Each study includes a leader guide and a study guide and is suitable for a one-hour group Bible study. the words of the Scripture, and in them discover God's message for you today. a brief verbal snapshot from the scrapbook of contemporary life and discover its connection both to you and to the Scripture passage.

Live...inside the Scripture to discover its context and message; then allow the Scripture to come alive in you and cause you to live out your faith in new and more-effective ways.

Read an excerpt from this study below.

Granted, I had never given it much thought; but it still surprised me. It had not occurred to me that by getting married and helping to bring two children into the world, I would end up experiencing the disappointments felt by my spouse and children. When my wife, Cheri, or our sons, Aaron or Adam, encounter a disappointment, I feel worse than when I directly experience a disappointment of my own. All I can do when they hurt is feel a certain sadness, a sense of injustice, or a sense of loss. I guess they have to do the same for me. The word disappointment originally meant “to fail to keep an appointment.” When I am disappointed, it is because my “appointment” with happiness or success or having things go my way has been missed. We read today of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel and how they learned to act with faith despite their disappointments.

Table of Contents

Infusion Bible eStudies: Lies, Deceit, and Promise (Leader's Guide)
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Infusion Bible eStudies: Lies, Deceit, and Promise (Student)
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