FAQ about eBooks

What type of eBooks do you sell?
Currently, Cokesbury sells an ebook format called EPUB. The EPUB format is an open eBook format recommended by The International Digital Publishing Forum.

It is recommended that you download and register the free Adobe Digital Editions software and set-up your free Adobe ID for your computer before purchasing an EPUB eBook. This will allow you to either read online or share your downloaded eBook with up to six other computers or eBook reader/mobile devices like your Smartphone or iPad. Downloading and registering the software also allows easy transfer of both DRM-protected and non-DRM protected EPUB files.

Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 includes support for accessibility. It is designed to work with Windows and Mac operating system. To download your free copy, click the link below and follow the on-screen instructions:

Can these eBooks be read on an iPad?
Yes...but you will need a reader besides iBooks loaded onto your iPad before purchasing and reading your ebook. Unfortunately only ebooks purchased from Apple sites like iTunes can be read by the iBooks reader that comes loaded on most iPads.

We do offer a recommendation for free eBook reader that is compatible with the iPad and also Adobe Digital Editions for file transfers if needed

Bluefire Reader

The Bluefire Reader does require an Adobe Digital ID. If you don't already have an Adobe Digital ID, the Bluefire Reader will walk you through the creation of an Adobe digital ID when you attempt to open a purchased eBook with the reader

Can these eBooks be read on my Nook?
Yes...before purchasing, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions onto your computer and set-up your free Adobe ID for your computer. Plug your Nook into your computer and open Adobe Digital Editions. If this is the first time you have plugged in your Nook to Adobe Digital Editions, you will need to authorize your Nook in Adobe to add the eBooks to this device. One plugged in and activated, your Nook will be displayed in the left column of Adobe Digital Editions under the Bookshelves. When you've chose an eBook that you wish to add to your nook, click and drag the eBook over the nook icon and let go when you see the green plus symbol. After you've added your eBooks to your nook, you can unplug the device from your computer and access your Library by clicking on your Nook My Library, then View My Documents. Locate and select your ebook for viewing

Can ePub titles be purchased on and read by my Kindle?
Not at this time. Because of Amazon's proprietary Kindle format, kindle eBooks are only available at Amazon and cannot be sold by other retailers

Besides Windows and Mac operating systems, what other devices are supported by Adobe Digital Editions software?
To see a list of supported the link below

What does DRM management protected mean?
Digital Rights Management (DRM) ensures that the person who buys a file is its sole owner and is unable to create illegal copies to distribute on their own. DRM specifications for each eBook are set by the publishers who own the respective copyrights.

Where are my purchased eBooks located?
All purchased eBooks are located in the section of your online user id profile called "My Downloads"

To access this area, login into with your user id and password

Under the heading "My Account", click on the link "My Downloads" You will see a listing of all purchased downloads including eBook downloads. Click on the link for your eBook and you will be transferred to a screen to begin downloading your purchased eBook. You will have six attempts available to download your eBook. If you were un-successful, please contact customer service at for assistance.


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