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Making Sense of the Bible

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The United Methodist Music & Worship Planner 2014-2015
Abingdon Press

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Worship & Song Pew Edition with Cross & Flame
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Leading Beyond the Walls
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Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2014 Workshop of Wonders Child T-shirt Size Small (Size 6-8)
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The Sanctuary for Lent 2014
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Ultimately Responsible
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The Way
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24 Hours That Changed the World | Hardcover Book
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Making Sense of the Bible DVD
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Other Selections by Carine MacKenzie

TitlePublication Date
Adam and Eve 10/2004
Baby Moses 10/2004
Barnabas 11/2007
Bible Heroes Ruth 07/2005
Daniel Colouring Book 08/2003
David el Luchador Valiente = David the Brave Fighter 11/1999
David the Fugitive 01/2010
David the King 01/2010
David the Shepherd 01/2010
David the Soldier 01/2009
El Plan de Rescate 04/2009
Esther 12/2006
Esther Colouring Book 03/2003
Following God 01/2012
Gideon 12/2006
Gideon Colouring Book 08/2005
Glorifying God 03/2013
God Gave Me Feelings 09/2000
God Gave Me Hearing 09/2000
God Gave Me Sight 09/2000
God Gave Me Smell 09/2000
God Gave Me Taste 09/2000
God Gave Me Touch 09/2000
God Has Power 09/1999
God Is Everywhere 01/2004
God Is Kind 03/2000
God Never Changes 09/1999
God, the Ten Commandments and Jesus 11/2003
Hannah 12/2006
How God Changes People 09/2012
How to Handle Your Life 11/2008
Jesus- The Real Story 12/1969
John 11/2006
Jonah 12/2006
Jonah and the Big Fish 08/2005
Jonathan 10/2007
Joseph Colouring Book 09/2005
Joseph's Coat 10/2004
Joshua 11/2006
Little Hands 07/2008
Little Hands Learning to Pray 09/2010
Long Long Ago in Bethlehem 10/1999
Long, Long Ago in Jerusalem 12/1969
Martha and Mary 12/2006
Mary 12/2006
Moses 11/2008
Moses the Child 07/2008
Moses the Leader 07/2008
Moses the Shepherd 07/2008
Moses the Traveller 07/2008
My 1st Book about God 09/2013
My 1st Book about the Gospel 01/2014
My 1st Book of Memory Verses 09/2002
My First Book about Jesus 06/2009
My First Book of Christian Values 07/2007
My First Book of Questions and Answers 09/2004
Naaman 08/2005
Nehemiah 11/2006
Noah's Ark 10/2004
Our Baby Bk 12/1969
Paul 11/2008
Peter 12/2006
Peter 12/2006
Rebekah 11/2006
Richard Wurmbrand a Voice in the Dark 01/2001
Ruth 12/2006
Ruth's Journey 08/2005
Saul 07/2000
Simon Peter 12/2006
The Beautiful Garden 03/2003
The Boy Who Listened 07/2000
The Caring Creator 11/2011
The Christian Focus Story Bible 08/2009
The Foolish Farmer 01/2005
The Jesus Files 08/2005
The Life of Jesus 11/2011
The Lost Coin 01/2005
The Names of Jesus 12/1969
The Praying Prince 01/2005
The Proud Prayer 01/2005
The Runaway Son 01/2005
The Selfish Servant 01/2005
Trusting God 08/2007
Wise Words to Follow 02/2009
Wise Words to Obey 02/2009
Wise Words to Trust 02/2009

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