Other Selections by Lawrence G. Lovasik

TitlePublication Date
A Child's Prayer Treasury (Puzzle Book) 05/2005
A Novena of Holy Communions 07/1995
Best-Loved Saints 09/1996
Blessed Sacrament Novenas 05/2005
Book of Saints 08/1990
Book of Saints 09/1990
Book of Saints 09/1990
Book of Saints, Part 1 06/1987
Book of Saints, Part 10 05/1997
Book of Saints, Part 11 05/1997
Book of Saints, Part 12 05/1998
Book of Saints, Part 5 05/1993
Book of Saints, Part 6 09/1990
Book of Saints, Part 7 07/1993
Book of Saints, Part 8 07/1993
Book of Saints, Part 9 03/1996
Catholic Book of Novenas 10/2007
Children's Prayers for All Occasions 09/1991
Church History 03/1990
Confirmation Book 05/2014
Creo En Dios 04/1994
El Santo Rosario 04/1994
Favorite Novenas to Jesus 06/1995
Favorite Novenas to Mary 09/1994
Favorite Novenas to the Holy Spirit 09/1997
Favorite Novenas to the Saints 06/1993
First Book of Saints 06/1987
Following Jesus 08/1990
Fre-Bible En Images 12/1996
God Loves Us All 08/1990
Going to Confession 02/1986
Going to Confession 06/1992
Good Saint Joseph 06/1978
I Believe in God 07/1984
I Love My Pet 07/1996
Illustrated Life of Jesus 01/1981
La Santa Misa 04/1994
Las Estaciones de La Cruz 04/1994
Libro de Los Santos 03/1989
Lives of the Saints 02/1997
Livre Des Saints en Images 08/2013
Los Siete Sacramentos 04/1994
Maria, Mi Madre 04/1994
Mary My Hope 05/1993
Mi Primer Catecismo 04/1994
My Confirmation [With Candle and Confirmation Pin and Bookmark] 08/2008
My Day with Jesus 10pk 07/1987
My First Catechism 09/1990
My First Catholic Picture Dictionary 09/1990
My First Prayer Book 10/2011
My First Prayerbook 09/1991
My Friend Jesus 05/1985
My Friends the Saints 05/1996
My Novena to the Holy Spirit 09/2005
My Picture Prayer Book 06/1987
New American Catechism (No. 1) 08/1991
New American Catechism (No. 2) 06/1991
New American Catechism (No. 3) 04/1986
New Picture Book of Saints 07/1988
New...Saint Joseph Beginner's Book of Saints 05/1997
Novenas Favoritas a Maria 02/1996
Our Baby 09/1987
Our Father and Hail Mary 08/1997
Our Heavenly Mother 06/1997
Our Lady of Guadalupe 09/1990
Our Lady of Lourdes 09/1990
Picture Book of Prayers 06/1994
Picture Book of Saints 05/1979
Picture Book of Saints 06/2005
Pocket Book of Catholic Devotions 11/1997
Pocket Book of Catholic Novenas 11/1997
Pocket Book of Catholic Prayers 11/1997
Pray Always 09/1990
Prayers for Everyday 05/1985
Prayers to My Favorite Saints (Part 1) 12/2002
Prayers to My Favorite Saints (Part 2) 11/2002
Prayers to the Boy Jesus 06/1987
Prayers to the Saints 06/1993
Receiving Holy Communion 10/2011
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton 08/1990
Saint Joseph Beginner's Bible 06/1996
Saint Kateri Tekawitha 12/2012
Saint Patrick 01/1984
Saint Paul the Apostle 08/1990
Saint Peter the Apostle 07/1987
Stations of the Cross 08/1990
Teachings of Jesus 09/1990
Tesoro de Novenas 01/1990
The Angels 03/1996
The Apostles of Jesus 08/1990
The Eight Beatitudes 09/1990
The Feasts of Jesus 09/1990
The Hidden Power of Kindness 10/1999
The Holy Eucharist 02/1995
The Holy Eucharist 10/2011
The Holy Rosary 10/2011
The Holy Spirit 06/1987
The Miracles of Jesus 07/1978
The Our Father and Hail Mary 09/1991
The Promises of the Sacred Heart 09/1990
The Psalms 09/1990
The Sacrament of Reconcilia 10pk 11/1997
The Sacraments 12/2002
The Story of Jesus 08/1991
The Ten Commandments 12/1993
Treasury of Novenas 06/1988

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