Other Selections by Morehouse Church Resources

TitlePublication Date
2011 Christian Pocket Diary 07/2010
2011 Episcopal Church Lesson Revised Common Lectionary Calendar 07/2010
3-D Manger Scene Advent Calendar #CA756 06/2007
3-D Nativity Advent Calendar #CA579 08/2006
Achievement Certificate Grades 6-12 [PKG 12] 08/2006
Adore Him Advent Calendar #CA8900 07/2008
Baptismal Candle #541 01/1995
Baptismal Information Form [Pad Of 50] 10/1999
Bethlehem Advent Calendar #CA543 05/2003
Body of Christ Communion Candle #5639 08/2004
Certificate Envelopes 01/1993
Child of God Baptismal Candle #1306 08/2004
Christmas Story 2010 Advent Calendar with Envelope 07/2010
Circle Cross Correspondence Cards [Box of 25 w/envelope] 08/2002
Come Holy Spirit Confirmation Candle #1305 08/2004
Come Holy Spirit Confirmation Candle #548 08/2004
Confirmation Candle #1304 01/1995
Confirmation Certificate [PACKAGE OF 25 W/ ENVELOPE] 01/1990
Confirmation Certificate [PACKAGE OF 25 W/ ENVELOPE] 05/1995
Confirmation Information Form [PAD OF 50] 10/1999
Cute Nativity Advent Calendar #CA625 07/2005
Cute Nativity Assortment Advent Calendars #CA425 [Pack of 12] 07/2008
Episcopal Church Revised Common Lectionary Lesson Calendar 2012 06/2011
Eucharistic Visitor Holy Communion Rite II Card [Pack of 10] 01/2005
First Communion Candle #539 01/1995
Guests of Our Church Register 12/2006
Irish Baptismal Candle #549 08/2004
Jesus in the Manger Advent Calendar #CA552 06/2002
Jesus, Mary & Joseph Advent Calendar #CA697 07/2005
Jesus, Mary, Joseph Advent Calendar 05/2011
Journey to Bethlehem Advent Calendar 05/2004
Kings with Gifts Advent Calendar #CA459 06/1999
Leather Tabs for Altar Service Books and Missals [PACKAGE OF 12] 09/1993
Manger Scene Advent Calendar with Stickers #CA484 07/2008
Mini Advent Calendar Card Assortment #CA431 [Pack of 36] 06/1998
Ministry with the Sick 03/2005
Muiredach's Cross Correspondence Cards [Box of 25 w/envelope] 08/2002
Naive Nativity Advent Calendar #CA636 07/2005
Nativity Advent Calendar #CA155 07/2008
Nativity Advent Calendar #CA598 08/2006
Nativity Advent Calendar with Advent Candle #CA797 07/2008
Nativity Advent Calendar with Stickers #CA4900 06/2007
Nativity Advent Cartoon Calendar 06/2011
Nativity Scene Pop-up Advent Calendar #CA602 07/2008
Night Nativity Advent Calendar #CA796 07/2008
One Faith Baptismal Candle #546 09/2004
Peace on Earth Advent Calendar 05/2011
Register of Burials #72 10/2000
Register of Church Membership and Rites #15 09/2000
Register of Confirmation/Receptions #37 10/2000
Register of Marriages #50 10/2000
Religious Assortment Advent Calendar #CA401 [Pkg 12 w/envelope] 10/2002
Shepherds & Manger Advent Calendar #CA691 07/2005
Shepherds & Manger Assortment Advent Calendar #CA681 [Pack of 12] 07/2005
Shepherds and Angels Advent Calendar 07/2010
Stable Scene Advent Calendar #CA734 08/2006
Stable Scene Pop-Up Advent Calendar #CA187 07/1991
Star of Bethlehem Advent Calendar #CA629 05/2004
Starlight Nativity Advent Calendar #CA742 06/2007
Static Episcopal Shield Window Decal [Pack of 25] 02/2000
The Celebration and Blessing of A Marriage [PACKAGE OF 25 W/ ENVELOPE] 01/1985
The Crib Advent Calendar with Stickers #CA638 05/2004
The Episcopal Church Welcomes You Brochure [Pack of 25] 06/2005
The Manger Advent Calendar with Advent Candle and Glitter #CA705 07/2008
The Register of Church Membership and Rites #25 10/2000
The Shepherds Advent Calendar #CA322 01/1995
The Shepherds Advent Calendar #CA522 05/2004
Three Kings Advent Calendar #CA754 06/2007
Toddlers Manger Scene Advent Calendar #CA597 05/2003
Visitors and Newcomers Card [Pack of 100] 08/2005
Welcome My Child Baptismal Candle #547 08/2004

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