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Wesley Theological Seminary
4500 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20016
Phone: 202-885-8600
Fax: 202-885-8605

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TermCourse NumberDescription
Spring 2014 BI 102-A Introduction to Hebrew Bible 2
Spring 2014 BI 102-B Introduction to Hebrew Bible 2
Spring 2014 BI 172-A Introduction to NT: Epistles
Spring 2014 BI 172-OL Introduction to NT: Epistles
Spring 2014 BI 341-0 Practicum in Biblical Interpretation
Spring 2014 BI 419-0 Old Testament Exegesis: Isaiah
Spring 2014 BI 490-O Biblical Hebrew Practicum:
Spring 2014 BI-449 NT Exegesis: First & Second Corinthians
Spring 2014 CF 130-HB Spiritual Formation-Parish
Spring 2014 CF 141-0 Leading Formation in Congregations
Spring 2014 CF 201-O Foundations of Christian Spirituality
Spring 2014 CH 102-A Church History: Reformation to Present - A
Spring 2014 CH 102-B Church History: Reformation to Present
Spring 2014 CM 136-OL Leadership & Administration for the Small Church
Spring 2014 CM 138-0 Greening Your Congregation
Spring 2014 CM 203-0 Emergent Gathering I
Spring 2014 CM 231-O Foundations of Urban Ministry 2
Spring 2014 CM 268-O Practical Theology in Church and Society
Spring 2014 CM 271-O Evangelism in the Weslyan-Methodist Tradition
Spring 2014 ES 230-O Current Topics in Bioethics
Spring 2014 ES 303-O Sources of Christian Moral Insight
Spring 2014 IS 218-O Writing for Ministry
Spring 2014 MM 102-A & B Spiritual Formation for Ministry 2
Spring 2014 MM 312-AFT/EVE PMM: Coloquy 1-2
Spring 2014 MM 314-AFT/EVE PMM: Colloquy 2-2
Spring 2014 MM 322-O PMM: SPP Seminar 1/2
Spring 2014 MM 324-O PMM: SPP Seminar 2-2
Spring 2014 MM 326-O PMM: SPP Seminar 3-2
Spring 2014 MM 332-O PMM: Internship 2
Spring 2014 MM 350-0 PMM: Intercultural Immersion
Spring 2014 PC 101-0 Counseling Skills for Pastoral Ministry
Spring 2014 PC 111-0 Pastoral Care & Counseling in Context
Spring 2014 PC 408-O Trauma/Terriorism/Castastrophes
Spring 2014 PC-402 Cross Cultural Pastoral Care
Spring 2014 PW 101-O Introduction to Corporate Worship
Spring 2014 PW 204-O Sacramental Theology & Practice
Spring 2014 PW 301-0 Pastoral Liturgics Practicum
Spring 2014 PW 325-O Foundations of Preaching
Spring 2014 PW 338-O Preaching Practicum: Themes
Spring 2014 PW 340-A Preaching Practicum
Spring 2014 PW 340-B Preaching Practicum
Spring 2014 PW 340-C Preaching Practicum
Spring 2014 RA 113-O Art as Worship, Worship as Art
Spring 2014 RA 130-O Chapel Choir
Spring 2014 RA 133-O Greatest Hits of Sacred Music
Spring 2014 RA 146-O Poetry as Spiritual Practice
Spring 2014 RA 176-O Story: Parables & Parallel Stories
Spring 2014 RA 194-0 Liturgical Dance
Spring 2014 RA 240-O The Preacher as Poet
Spring 2014 ST 215-O Faces of Jesus World Christianity
Spring 2014 ST 252-O The Trinity in Theology
Spring 2014 ST 306-A Systematic Theology 2
Spring 2014 ST 306-B Systematic Theology 2
Spring 2014 ST 402-O Reformed Theology
Spring 2014 ST 407-O Women Doing Theology
Spring 2014 ST 412-O Braving Masters of Suspicion
Spring 2014 ST 464-O United Methodist Doctrine
Spring 2014 WR 248-0 Jewish Thought & Theology
Spring 2014 WR 294-O Religion, Violence and Peace

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